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i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle

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Oh, right. The marathon. The marathon for Disneyland, the marathon chosen especially to run around Disneyland, Disneyland’s marathon. That marathon?

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no matter how much you don’t care, the naruto animators will always care slightly less 



step aside naruto, quality comin thru

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imagine your otp with accurate characterisation

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im just gonna leave this here with no explanation what so ever…

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Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 

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you got me ♡ a kiyoyachi fanmix

i do adore mindy glendhill ♡ heart skips a beat lenka  i want to hold your hand across the universe  you got me colbie caillat  something in the water brooke fraser ♡ love they say tegan and sara  maybe i love you lenka ♡ perfect two auburn ♡ everything you do he is we ♡ i love you the pipettes

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MARRY EACHOTHER MARRY EACH OTHE RMARRY EACH OTHER MARRY EACH OTHER MARRY EACH OTHER!!!!!!!! srry 4 the ooc but i got excited over kindergarten au again bc of sakam1ch1 ><;;;;

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i think it’s so cute when straight people think they’ve never met a queer person. that’s adorable. you’re adorable.

I think it’s cute when people blame straight people for being born.

you’re right!! that’s exactly what i said in my post!!! reading comprehension a+ i’m so proud

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